Ry's Apps rytf12@gmail.com

AI Gaming log

I prototyped an AI gaming system for Eric Purdy. It uses a double-WebSocket architecture, Django Channels and Phaser. The only screenshots available are these polka dots.

Video Game log

I created this iOS video game for myself. It uses a fixed physics timestep, C++ and OpenGL ES.

Furniture Rentals log

I built this furniture rental site and system for Dovetail Props. It uses a two-phase shopping cart, PHP, MySQL and Braintree.

Stock Screener

I made a stock screener for RobotDough. It uses a math expression editor and ActionScript.

Internet Forum log

I programmed this link aggregation internet forum for myself. It uses ltree for nested comments, Node and PostgreSQL.

CRM System log

I developed this CRM system for Promotec Marketing. Customers submit requests to perform operations on their data. It uses PHP and MySQL.


I constructed this soccer e-card system for Concept Bakery. It uses ActionScript, PHP and MySQL.

Product Recommendations log

I coded this haircare product recommendation system for Acca Kappa. It's a SPA that uses JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

Kiosk Maps

I built this kiosk map app for Flipside Graphic Design. All features are data-driven so non-developers can create new maps. It uses ActionScript.

Reporting Tool

I created this reporting tool for Promotec Marketing. Admins create reports for clients and prospective clients. It uses PHP and MySQL.

Restaurant Management System log

I developed an RMS for Baja Taco House. The main subsystems are recipe creation and wholesale orders. It uses PHP and MySQL.

Space MMO log

I programmed this space MMO for myself. Players expand to other stars, and build on planets and moons. It uses Babylon.js, PHP and MySQL.

Lead Retrieval System log

I made this lead retrieval system for Registration Technologies. Trade show vendors barcode scan attendee badges and later download the scans from a website. It uses PHP, MySQL and the CodeREADr API.

Webpage CMS log

I coded this webpage CMS for myself. You create webpages with a web form. It uses PHP and MySQL.

Internet Forum

I constructed another internet forum for myself. It uses PHP and MySQL.